Web 2.0 what is it? what does it mean for me!

13 10 2008

  Web 2.0 for graphic designers means that the content and design is not about who can have the best design but who can create the most user friendly design. On the site digital-web.com it suggest that web designers should think or at least design more like programmers. Which means pretty much that the front is only a front. The real power is behind the scenes. Web 2.0 can be described as a new way that information is presented and structured for users. The term came about in 2004. It enables users to actually participate in the structure of the web site. In web 1.0 people were only able to access info from the web.

  I think it is sort of sad that it limits designers. Now designs are more sleek and trim. Of course also being a user I can appreciate the easy to navigate designs but going into that field it makes me wonder what is next for the web and designers. To me web 2.0 is a trend that will eventually make web designers useless.   


Digital Web Magazine – Web 2.0 for Designers




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13 10 2008

I think you’re spot on that one of the goals of Web 2.0 is to keep the content king, but I’m not quite sure I think that means an end to the need for great designers. I see it more of a challenge to designers: incorporate an attractive front that draws the user in while avoiding clutter that distracts from content.

As an example, look at the themes available on this site. They are very well designed, and the small details put into the typography, color themes, backgrounds and headers really change the entire personality of these blogs.

At any rate, Web 2.0 is definitely promoting change and I guess as designers, it’s up to us to make sure the user’s Web 2.0 experience highlights the content while still maintaining style and attractiveness.

14 10 2008

IT’s nice you are mentioning the other side, the inprovement of the web, before was about having a pretty website, lot of flash, lot of animation, no content, so, website was pretty much useless. They make a big mistake in the beggining, they just wanted to make money and didn’t see it coming, they didn’t imagine that the we are ALL the web, we all make it better and not only for money but knowledge, learning.

15 10 2008

I never thought about it that way. The whole concept of making web designers useless. That is a crazy thought but DOES make sense. Web 2.0 makes the web a lot more attractive and gives room for exploration but there is so much room to do things that it does let the user manipulate it maybe too much for themselves. Hmmm… hmmm…

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