Personal learning environment. Don’t invade my space!

20 10 2008

Personal learning environment is defined by wikipedia as systems that help learners take control of and manage their own learning. As opposed to the course centered view of learning. You know pretty much sitting in a class room while someone bores your head off about amoebas and other single celled organisms. I read a post by Ron lubensky that really cleared up the term for me. I at first thought a PLE was the very thing I talked about above a core instruction with a little twist. He stated that there is no one definition of a PLE. It is very elusive because this is something controlled by the individual user. It really means the term personal learning. How ever you set up yours up is to you. Along with the aid of digital resources that can help you with educational information or sites you feel are useful. On It tells about how a PLE is setting your own learning goals and managing that.

 For me my personal learning environment is not really comprised of many digital resources. I use the google images very often for references. For my personal learning environment I like a little quiet with maybe some background noise like the television. I’m try and multi task but I am better off focusing on one task and then moving to the next, or at least completing the bulk of one then moving to the next. I like organization and having list items that I can complete. I believe there can be some improvement to my PLE. I think my personal learning environment could be a little more structured. Over the course of this semester i look to learn alot more about how I can structure my environment.




One response

17 12 2008

I know for a fact that I need to structure my environment a little better but I have always been okay with a little chaos. It is easier to focus on one thing but what is scary to me is that I always need some type of noise going either soft or loud it has to be there.

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