20 10 2008

Really Simple Syndication Better known as rss help a single user keep up with different updates on several different sites. Many different attempts were made at this prior but the one with the little orange box with the white radio signals pretty much became the standard. An RSS is a centralized port for users to track all their favorite feeds. The popular thing about RSS feeds is that they don’t clutter your email inbox and you dont have to remember to check several different sites. A lot of RSS or feed readers allow you to organize your feeds into categories. A lot of popular sites now offer RSS feeds and some even are provide for phones. With a high speed high tech world that is a big advantage to something like this. Inside these feeds they provide clippings of headlines and articles for some sights and allow full readings on feed sights. There are over 200o sights. Some charge a small fee but there are several free ones to choose from.




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21 10 2008

Yeah. Some sites include the button of different reader, and that very nice. But some sites I go to only have square orange button you mentioned. When I clicked, it directed me to the microsoft reader. I ended up just hit new subcription in google reader and cut and paste the address.

But you right, by having the RSS tools, at least its easier for us to keep up what’s out there without wasting time search the net.

21 10 2008

You had the same problem I did when researching this topic. Some people called it Really Simple Syndication and some called it Rich Text Summary.

22 10 2008

You make a good point with the inbox clutter. Instead of subscribing to email things you can just hook it all to a page and sort out what you want. Doesn’t stop our spam but at least we can count on a place where we can go to find what we need for the most part.

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