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27 10 2008

 I never knew their was so much effort going into these blogs. In order to have a successful blog you have to really work at it. It can almost become addictive for some. One gentleman on a video which has alink provided below stresses that your tone is key. Also of course you content as well. Dont just be on their shooting off what ever comes to mind. Have some actual substance to your blog. you must create an online presence and focus on a specific area of expertise. I don’t know about you but i would feel like a complete idiot being online talking about stuff I really didn’t know about and claiming i was an expert. The someone comes by and turns me into a clown. Now see there is alot to blogging well professionally anyway. The best thing you can do is spend some time getiing it together I imagine.  








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28 10 2008

Probably you were right about feel like an idiot being online talking about stuff have no clue about the topic. However, there is people out there who knows about the topic, but still others who thinks that they knows more than the guru, got negative comment or being labeled idiot.

29 10 2008

It’s funny because I’ve seen some blogs doing what you said. The whole writing without knowledge then someone clowning on them. You can usually tell by their comments. The people commenting tend to be attacking them or correcting them in a strong manner. In some cases I’ve seen fighting instead of debating.

26 11 2008

I was lost about the term professional blogger. To me i thought blogging was basically an open diary. You were able to write whatever you want. But professionals were actually on these blogs sharing information and people benifited from it.

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