Collective Intelligence.

10 11 2008

I am a little confused. Collective Intelligence has been talked about for decades but haven’t we been doing it for centuries. I mean of course minus the computers weren’t people learning new things from each other and taking it back to their native lands? Since the invention and widespread use of the computer haven’t people been doing this but in smaller pockets? To me sure it sounds like a good idea but it’s been happening for some time now. I checked out the MIT Collective Intelligence and they offer most of the book online. The only thing being done differently is that they are talking about doing it on a global scale. I’m sorry if i’m wrong. If you can provide anymore insight than help me out.,M1




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11 11 2008

No, you are absolutely correct, I guess that back then there was not such a term like “Collective Intelligence” been used. All began in the 80’s I believe, when they finally put a name to that information sharing. But, jut to make it a little clear, Collective Intelligence is a term used to all that collaboration between individuals and has nothing to do with computers, its pure interaction between humans, animals, etc. What computers and technology has done is to facilitate that information and make it easier to reach. Now people don’t really need to travel to other regions to share that information, it’s available in finger click away from us.

11 11 2008

To expand on what agustinch said, Collective Intelligence describes the phenomena that occurs when collaboration happens on a large scale and intelligence manifests itself through the groups efforts rather than the effort of any single member of the group. I think by trying to understand why and how that happens, MIT and others are simply exploring the nature of this intelligence and are trying to find a way to make use of it, harness it, and empower it even more with technology.

12 11 2008

I would have to agree with everyone we’ve been doing this for the longest amount of time yet the mediem has changed from just passing it from person to person now to a bigger forum like the internet, blogging etc. So technical were half way there just need some more adjusting & we’ll be 100% proficent in getting info at a moments notice.

26 11 2008

it is amazing how the businesses still grew despite the collaboration between them. people do want solutions and you have to put things aside. so what if the were competitors they helped one another on finding a solution and that was the goal.

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