Social Networking

16 11 2008

I just signed up for my twitter account and I think I’m going to like it. It’s simple and easier than myspace. With the post you don’t have to go through all the profile things and oddball comments. The post can be really informative. If you have really big projects you can post your progress and people can help or suggest alternative methods. The thought of a network of people that are in the same field and in different locations is a good idea for brainstorming and creativity. Not to mention the career opportunities that may arise. It’s no doubt a helpful tool to those in creative especially when people leave the job but is someone you thought was really good to bounce ideas off of. This is a simple way to keep in touch and the limit of words forces you to get straight to the point.




2 responses

18 11 2008

I found twitter useful for other purposes rather than keep in touch with friends, I like your idea in regards the posts been informative, but lets face it, most of the posts there are just junk, I don’t care if someone is watching TV and didn’t like the commercial, I think that the usage of this tool cool be beneficial to people interested in certain topics, like you mentioned, and can keep exchanging ideas with others in a very synthesized way by using short responses to a specific topic.

19 11 2008

You thought about how to use twitter in the same way i did. I Agree that it is a great way to keep in touch and a useful tool for big projects.

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