Infromation trapping.

23 11 2008

Information Trapping is great but my only problem is that im not involved in enough stuff to need to use such a tool. Ok Mr. Batchelder i’ll admit it blogs have become useful for me. I was at work the other day and needed to a cool potoshop effect. The most simple answer and tips came in the form of a blog. Just imagine if this were something I could use on a regular basis. The information just flowing to me would save at least 20 min reading and redifining searches for what it is im trying to do. Tara Calishain considered to be on of the prominent Internet Research leaders, had alot to say about Information trapping and helpful tips. One tip that stuck with me and is something I do when using search engines is that my search is to broad. For the sight research buzz the author had tips and a list of good information trpping tools. I’ve never heard of any of those. I dont imagine it’s something I would get deeply involoved into that scene either. If i did my job would have to depend solely on this. Ok maybe not that serious but i would really need more incentive as of now to get into this.




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25 11 2008

Using this tools could help you out to find useful information about any topic, to write a school paper, look for design ideas or tips, anything! I use a few tools that really save lot of my time. I am sure you rather use those 20 minutes you use reading doing something else, right? 🙂

26 11 2008

Some of the sites you put are the ones that I used. But the info trappinig seems to be like the only useful tool so far to me. It seems like it would help if you were researching a broad topic

26 11 2008

You might be surprised at how little you’d need to “be involved” to benefit from information trapping.. that’s the good thing about it. It’s for when you don’t have time to search or keep up with something, you can create a google alert (within seconds) or furl a page with a tutorial you like so you always have a copy and you’ve benefitted from information trapping! Quick and easy huh?

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