1 12 2008

Pod casting is perhaps the latest and greatest stream of information for this high speed world we live in. Allowing you to take the information you want or need with you. Traditionally if there were a broadcast on radio or television such as the presidential radio address, but you miss it because you had to work. The best you could do is hope to catch it later but there is no guarantee. With podcasting you can catch it all and listen to it later. This comes in handy for your website in several ways. If you have a devoted following that follows every word you say but can’t be ever where you are than a podcast would be ideal. This way they are able to access the seminar and stay informed on what it is you are doing. From the video I watched “Podcasting in plain english” it says that all you need is a microphone, video camera(for vodcasting), a computer, and internet connection. I’ve used vodcast before. While designing i often have a design vision but I don’t know how to complete it. The video was so much more helpful than just reading the text. Sometimes the text can become very difficult to understand. The video shows exactly what is going on and turn out to be more helpful because I can rewind the video and see the effects on screen. As with video and audio it can captivate the attention of viewers. They are useful for explaining more in depth. Screen casting is useful and have been useful especially for me. These also are helpful when looking to do certain things. I had no idea this is what it was called. This more of what you see when you look at online tutorials. They have these for all sort applications and projects. To me it’s so helpful like the vodcast but more precise and direct.    









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1 12 2008

In a way, some of the VodCasts out there are like free training materials. I have seen a few while researching, and I’ve used a few before from Zune like Wired TV and PBS’s NOVA Podcast. It’s surprising how much “commercial free” content that’s really engaging (and doesn’t cost anything) there is with VodCasts.

1 12 2008

I like watching videos better than just reading something. I understand thins a lot more if i can see as a video of it. While researching this topic I found a video of it and understood automatically what it was. When I research something and read blogs and defininitons it gets a little hard to follow for me. I think podcast and vodcast would benefit me greatly.

2 12 2008

I agree, vodcasting is much better than plain text and allows many of us to better understand things. You can keep these totorials in your ipod or any other devise and watch them any time you need as well.

3 12 2008

good points with vodcasting have come up. Its that one that I’ve known about but haven’t given a chance. I plan to explore them more later. I guess since I started my podcast run with an ipod I kind of ignore the more interactive stuff. I’ve never been too into videos until lately.

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