8 12 2008

Xhtml  is different than html because it is more compatible with XML. what doe that mean? I have no freakin’ idea. From what i understand it is simpler to  create new languages I guess. I’ll stop there because I don’t have any idea what it is or what i’m talking about. CSS is a little simpler for me to explain. It is a style sheet for the content of your website. It can control the background color, text, and output of your web content.

These are important because new ways of accessing the internet are always popping up and this allows these new languages to work I think. If you know what this is really for please comment and get me on the right track.








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8 12 2008

You give up to easily. Wikipedia explains it well. HTML is the codes for the document going on the web. I relate it to Word Perfect. When you would look at your page and couldn’t figure out what was happening you could look at the codes in WP. You could then see the codes there you couldn’t see when viewing the document that was causing the changes.

8 12 2008

There is a BIG difference between XHTML and HTML but the simplest explanation I can give you is xhtml is WAY more strict than html. HTML is very basic. Another example would be you know line break markup tag, , well with html its just that-> “”; with XHTML, you actually have to close the tag like this-> “”. See, way more strict. But its also cleaner, in my opinion. You don’t mess up as much as you would with html cause if you did, your layout wouldn’t look right. That’s just a little bit of the differences with xhtml/html.

8 12 2008

Sorry, my tags didn’t work in the last comment. It thought I was actually doing html coding. If you want to know what I’m talking about though, with the differences, just visit my school blog: School Blog.

9 12 2008

haha, I like your answer and you were very close to get it right. Xhtml is a better version of html if you want to say that and works well with xml too and works better according to web standards.

10 12 2008

I am in the same boat, I have some idea about html or xhtml, however, its very limited. From my reading though, I understand that CSS is to control the looks of the page. But I am exciting to learn more about this foreign term.

10 12 2008

i think most of us have the CSS down… its just harder to explain the whole XHTML productivity. I myself was confused too with the whole XML concept… when I think too much I tend to confuse myself. =[

10 12 2008

I don’t know very much about XHTML but from what i understand it required you to be more precise. It picks up every mistake like if you were typing a code and left out a end tag it would pick it up immediately. I may be wrong but go take a look at the sites on my blog there is a tutorial that may explain it better…. I’m confused too lol.

16 12 2008

I think the only way you can truly understand what they are and the important differences is if you actually are putting them into practice. If you don’t really work with HTML or any other languages it’ll be a bit difficult to understand. You have the right understanding about CSS, that’s quite easy to understand. 🙂

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