Graphic design and web design can they coexist?

29 07 2009

There are many who believe that graphic designers and web designers cannot coexist in the same brain housing group. I think that they can but it will take some practice. The major part of crossing over is that print designers know what looks good on paper but that doesn’t work on screen always. Web has a limited color gamut and if your page has a long load time forget about having many visitors. Having a degree in graphic design for me helps a lot more when it comes to design but my problem is what i just stated above. What looks good on paper doesn’t look good on screen. I decided to go back to school to learn web design. I think that a lot of graphic designers are having to learn some sort of multimedia in order to stay relevant. Most job searches I do  require a little bit of experience or knowledge in web design. I believe that the jobs will become almost one in the same so it serves for any graphic designer to grab hold of some books or tutorials and get started.

Graphic and web.

web design is not just graphic-design for the web




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