Website Research

9 08 2009

In my research for my final web design project I ran across a  number of fitness websites that were not very aesthetically pleasing. There were a few that I ran across like fitnesstogether. I thought the layout was good really simple and easy to navigate. The next sight I seen was personal power training. I really didn’t like the layout of  the site at all. What I did like was the navigation the site offered. I like it because it’s simple and easy for the user to find what the are looking for. The site I liked the best which wasn’t really a personal trainer site but deals with fitness is muscle and strength. I think it feels a little cluttered but the information offered on the site is tremendously helpful. Out of all the sites I visited this is the one that captured me the most. I spent a lot of time on here looking at all the information. Fitness Anywhere was a site that I looked over and I was really fond of the e-commerce part of the site. It breaks everything down to real simple categories. Out of all the sites I seen Online fitness trainers was  appealing visually. I think the front page has entirely to much text. All the pages had to much text honestly. It could be broken down into different segments. I like the aesthetics of the site though and the articles on recently written.




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10 08 2009

these were good sites. they can help you at things you should not do.. like personal power training i thought it was so bad once i opened it i immediately closed it!!!

and they also help you go in the right direction. like i liked the logo for muscle and strength. and the overall of fitness anywhere.

10 08 2009

Fitness together is more my taste. I think that the format would really work for what you are doing. On the other hand, they are promoting a whole franchise rather than one trainer.

10 08 2009

I have to warn you cause I’m just one of those users who run the minute I see a drop down navigation (from the bad personal power training site). Why, cause most people don’t know how to design them well. And by that I mean, they should only be used when the list of links that will be dropping down is not a mile long like this website did. They drop down list should be short and only go in 1 direction, which is down. I hate when I hover the link, the drop down list occurs and when I move my mouse over just a little off the list it disappears and then I have to start over. So be careful with that.

10 08 2009
Ross Mackey

I too like the muscle and strength site. I felt like it was a little busy though. It could use just a little more margins between elements in the page to tidy things up a bit. Also, I detest the default blue color for hyperlinks, but now i’m really splitting hairs.

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