Positioned elements in css

12 08 2009

In my search for information about positioning in css I ran across a website called All About Css Positioning. It explained the very same things Mr. Batchelder showed us in class. This site explained the information with the metaphor of a swiss army knife. It also gives links to pages where you can see the the positioning in actual use. We all had questions about when would you use this tye of thing. Also Check the site out because they have another part that talks about harnessing the power of css and how to use css to design. The site stopdesign talks about placing an absolute-positioned element within a relative-positioned element. I read the article and it seems a little confusing but I’m sure I”ve got a handle on what they are saying. If  you read the article and get something different than let me know. It’s saying that by placing an absolute positioning inside a relative one gives you a lot more control over sizing issues. My fianl site on css positioning is one that I will be referencing during the building of my final project. I plan on making several different external style sheets to my project. It will be very useful in the fact that I won’t have to redo all the code. All I will have to do is copy the style sheet link. I really see the power of css on this site. he tutorial on the site is extremely helpful. If you are having troubles with css then i suggest you check it out.




One response

17 08 2009

I also read the stopdesign article and want to use it in my coding for my site. hopefully it works well for me. Have you tried external stylesheets yet? I started to had to look up how to link it bc i couldnt find or remember it. So hopfully I did it right. But I really liked how when i edited something I didnt have to do it on every page. Bc that can be a pain!

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