Fantasy football is here.

24 08 2009

Last year i got into a league with Mr. Mullins and got my butt whooped. I talked to ali and he has a pretty good squad this year. I probably wont be playing but if i were i think my top picks would be Adrian Peterson at runnign back, Larry Fitzgerald at receiver and its a wild card but i would pick up Vick too! I haven’t keep up much with whose out there. I think Favre would be a good choice just given his track record. Last year with the Jets her threw over 3,000 yards. I personally think he should have left after the Packers era. But i can understand getting replaced by Aaron rodgers has to hurt a little. Not to take anyhting away form the guy he is the veteran qb of the NFC east now but i doont think he’s no Favre. I’ll be watching closely this season because next year im going to strike with a vengeance.




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