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13 04 2010

I’ve found trouble deciding what three sites I would potentially build for this class. The first is an e commerce site for skateboards. I chose this because I feel that the design would be visually appealing and demonstrate my knowledge of html and css skills. From  the sites I previewed skateboard websites tend to be pretty dark. I hope to create a sit e that displays more color and aesthetic appeal to any user not just those interested in skateboarding. Although i dont feel anything can really be done to differ from the competition it will still make a good site. My second idea for a site is for go-kart racing site. I found the idea while searching the internet for good ideas. I looked up some sites and they are very informational but the architecture of the sites are bogged down and cluttered with info and links all on the home page. My third idea is to re-fresh the site that I did during Intermediate client side. It was a site about exotic fish and information on how to care for them. I would like to revisit the site and create a better design and organize the content better.




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13 04 2010
Ian Lindsay

I’d say if you already have some of the experience and content built up, the exotic fish site is the way to go. I’d say your last two ideas (the go-karts and fish) both have some promise, because from seeing previous websites on those topics there is definitely a lack of design skill and organization in those industries. The skateboards would be tougher: since that’s inherently a design-oriented industry, you’ll have an uphill climb in designing a unique website that beats a lot of the current examples out there.

Plus, I remember seeing that Flash banner you did with that “islands” theme to it, and it looked really neat. I know it’s not exotic fish, but the theme is similar and you clearly demonstrated a talent for that.

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