22 07 2010

Creating a website is one thing, but getting it to be visible to search engines is a whole other ball game. The process of making a website S.E.O friendly doesn’t seem relatively hard but to me it sounds like it limits your design a little. I’m sure that it will eliminate a lot of unnecessary text and images from web pages to cut down on load times. Since I personally am not that well versed in the art form of S.E.O i have listened to what other students and instructors have had to say. A lot of the things they talked about were using keywords to up your their search results. The page that is titled S.E.O basics says that this is not  a good idea it can remove you from google index searches.

In creating S.E.O friendly websites i’ve seen there are numerous things that can lead to a a better ranking site profile. Even the title of your web page can increase your search results. But the example I seen used a back end scripting language like php. I think in order to really find the best way to rank a website you have to implement a little of all these things into your site.

11 ways to make a website S.E.O friendly

S.E.O Basics




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