Progressive Enhancement

25 07 2010

The term progressive enhancement at first made me think “oh no more technology to learn”. As if what we are doing now isn’t enough. So once I started researching what it was i started feeling better and better. Learning that this was not a new technology at all it’s how we decide to utilize the technologies we already know. I read several articles that suggested how progressive enhancement should be implemented and it makes perfect sense. Create web pages for all users, with the basics so all users with all browsers can view them. Then add more functionality to the pages for users with newer browsers can have a more pleasant experience. It’s like creating a hotel with basic rooms for those who are a little more budget conscious. Then on the top floors we create more luxurious rooms for the guest who have a little more money to spend. They all get to stay in the same hotel but some may enjoy their stay a little more because of the extra amenities  that were provided. That was a great analogy on my part right?! This cuts down on development time because now you won’t have to use hacks and a bunch of other things to make sure that your site can be viewed by all.

Progressive Enhancement Designs

Understanding Progressive Enhancement

What is progressive Enhancement




One response

29 07 2010

nothing iss more frustrating when browsing when the website is designed for something you dont have.

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