Learning HTML5

11 08 2010

HTML 5 is the emerging standard of html design and shows a lot of potential. In reading through the article on webmonkey.com “Building Websites with HTML 5” it clears up some of the questions I was having about html 5 and the new tags that would make up the language. If you have any questions I suggest reading it to get a better understanding. I like HTML 5 for the fact that it shortens a lot of the tags and elements we had to use earlier. Maybe now Mr. Batchelder will stop hounding me a bout my divs, I liked my divs( lol). The problem I have seen with the some of the structural elements is that we always talk about semantic webpages and naming them by content and not presentational value. In all the examples I have seen, you name things as a section or article. It doesn’t allow you to name  thee things any different like you could in HTML 4 with classes or divs. At least I haven’t found any that show how to do this.

My opinion on HTML 5 is that the structural elements are cool and will prove useful in building sites. The time tag and datetime tag will increase the access of crawlers and search engine to more detailed and useful information. I’m not sure about the usage of some tags and if they are ever going to be used like the aside tag and the dialog tag. The dialog tag ay not be so bad since a lot of websites are doing the magazine layout type website. The article I read Building Websites with HTML 5 suggest that it would be a good idea to use for blogs.

Once I get into the coding and use of HTML 5 it will be as simple as HTML 4. The website HTML 5 demos shows a few of  the possibilities when you combine HTML 5 with CSS3 are pretty nice. It gives the opportunity to create a lot of things inside one program and reduces the need for MIME types.




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