Project Idea

28 01 2010

I want to do a project site for a business consultant firm that helps clients with online resource management and business plans. Another idea I have is for an online magazine that displays fashion models  parties and different music venues.


Riding the HTML5 wave

25 01 2010

It has come to my attention (thanks to Mr.Batchelder) that html 5 is making its way to the web and has some really nice qualities. It will change the way we receive some info from web pages. In the article I read on Life Hacker it has the ability to stream audio and video files from the browser which cuts down on loading times. Im not sure thought if i agree that it will make such programs like flash and silverlight obsolete. I have never used silverlight and very limited in flash experience but I have seen the things produced with it and i dont think that they will just be done away with.

I can say that the interview article I read with Ian Hickson was pretty nice. He details how html 5 came about and how tough its been putting it all together. I didn’t realize how much goes into the process. Until i read this i wasn’t so sure about what exactly html 5 and all the hoopla was about but then I came across this line in that interview where Mr. Hickson said “The bulk of HTML 5 is actually just defining how browsers already do things”. For me a light came on and that cleared up a lot. As I continued reading the article stated that html 5 is stricter on the code than html 4 was. What shocked me was me was that he said microsoft hasn’t really offered much help or showed any interest in html 5. You would think that they would try and be more into these sorts of things.

Fantasy football is here.

24 08 2009

Last year i got into a league with Mr. Mullins and got my butt whooped. I talked to ali and he has a pretty good squad this year. I probably wont be playing but if i were i think my top picks would be Adrian Peterson at runnign back, Larry Fitzgerald at receiver and its a wild card but i would pick up Vick too! I haven’t keep up much with whose out there. I think Favre would be a good choice just given his track record. Last year with the Jets her threw over 3,000 yards. I personally think he should have left after the Packers era. But i can understand getting replaced by Aaron rodgers has to hurt a little. Not to take anyhting away form the guy he is the veteran qb of the NFC east now but i doont think he’s no Favre. I’ll be watching closely this season because next year im going to strike with a vengeance.

Web safe colors

18 08 2009

Hey everyone I’ve spent sometime looking for colors and what works best with what I want. I don’t have tons of time to go through photoshop and try and figure all this out. My best friend google proved to be very helpful once again and I have found a site that provides web safe color codes with samples. Hope this can be useful to everyone.

Positioned elements in css

12 08 2009

In my search for information about positioning in css I ran across a website called All About Css Positioning. It explained the very same things Mr. Batchelder showed us in class. This site explained the information with the metaphor of a swiss army knife. It also gives links to pages where you can see the the positioning in actual use. We all had questions about when would you use this tye of thing. Also Check the site out because they have another part that talks about harnessing the power of css and how to use css to design. The site stopdesign talks about placing an absolute-positioned element within a relative-positioned element. I read the article and it seems a little confusing but I’m sure I”ve got a handle on what they are saying. If  you read the article and get something different than let me know. It’s saying that by placing an absolute positioning inside a relative one gives you a lot more control over sizing issues. My fianl site on css positioning is one that I will be referencing during the building of my final project. I plan on making several different external style sheets to my project. It will be very useful in the fact that I won’t have to redo all the code. All I will have to do is copy the style sheet link. I really see the power of css on this site. he tutorial on the site is extremely helpful. If you are having troubles with css then i suggest you check it out.

Website Research

9 08 2009

In my research for my final web design project I ran across a  number of fitness websites that were not very aesthetically pleasing. There were a few that I ran across like fitnesstogether. I thought the layout was good really simple and easy to navigate. The next sight I seen was personal power training. I really didn’t like the layout of  the site at all. What I did like was the navigation the site offered. I like it because it’s simple and easy for the user to find what the are looking for. The site I liked the best which wasn’t really a personal trainer site but deals with fitness is muscle and strength. I think it feels a little cluttered but the information offered on the site is tremendously helpful. Out of all the sites I visited this is the one that captured me the most. I spent a lot of time on here looking at all the information. Fitness Anywhere was a site that I looked over and I was really fond of the e-commerce part of the site. It breaks everything down to real simple categories. Out of all the sites I seen Online fitness trainers was  appealing visually. I think the front page has entirely to much text. All the pages had to much text honestly. It could be broken down into different segments. I like the aesthetics of the site though and the articles on recently written.

Float Layouts

3 08 2009

I think float layouts are great. I like the way that such a simple  property can add a sophisticated look to your site when applied correctly. I’ll admit that sometimes I have a little problem with getting them to do what I want to. What I really want to do is learn how create an entire web layout using float. After all the articles I’ve read they talk about the fragility of float layout. I don’t understand what that means though. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a web page break so I wouldn’t even know what it looked like. I do think that float is one of the more essential techniques that we are learning in the class.

all about floats

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Float and Photoshop